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Are you searching for an affordable ant exterminator in Rockwall? Be sure to call around and talk to an expert before you schedule an extermination in your home or business. Not all pest control companies are using safe treatments these days. In the case that you have small children or pets in your home, you’ll want to work with a company that uses a treatment that will be effective and safe.

If you suspect or have been told that you have a Rover ant problem in your home or commercial building, you may be dealing with the infestation problem along with the issue of trying to figure out how to control a newly emerging pest in the state of Texas. This can be a difficult situation to handle, and one that is best left to an ant exterminator in Rockwall.

It can be extremely to self-ID Rover ants, and for obvious reasons. You’ll have to count the segments of their antennae to get a positive identification, although there are a few other not-so-positive ways that you can determine whether you probably have a problem. One of the biggest ID-ing factors is that Rover ants have enormous eyes, however, there are other species of ants that do as well. The best way to get a probably ID is to look for a combination of the following features:

– Very large eyes
– Long and erect hairs on the mesosoma
– Pale yellow to medium to dark brown in color
– Sparse, appressed hairs on the abdominal tergites
– Size only about 2.5mm long
– Uneven thorax with the front portion appearing as a hump

Homeowners who find Rover ants nesting in outdoor areas like loose bark at the bast of a tree trunk, leaf litter, soil or around dead wood have cause for alarm, as Rover ants are difficult to control once they make an entrance onto your premises. Thankfully, Rover ants do not bite or sting, making them more of a nuisance than anything else, still they do have to be exterminated from your location.

Rover ants will readily invade a home or other building to forage and construct their nests in the void of walls, so it is essential that you call an ant exterminator in Rockwall if you even suspect that you have Rover ants being problematic. Colonies are usually fairly small when gotten to in time, so feel free to call Safe Earth Pest Control at 214-321-BUGS at the first sign of them.

Eliminating sources of moisture and fungal activity in your backyard is key in preventing them from making their home in your back yard. After you have noted a problem with them, it’s not too late to take measures to ensure that they are no longer comfortable living on your property. An ant exterminator from Safe Earth in Rockwall can get rid of them permanently when you schedule an extermination and sign up for annual maintenance to keep them at bay.

ant exterminator Rockwall