Choosing the right industrial or commercial washers can be overwhelming. Not only will you have to look through different brands of laundry equipment, but the washer all have different types, features, and capacities to consider. The laundry experts at Brim are here to help you find the best washer for your need. To help you narrow things down, we have put together some of the things you may want to consider when looking to purchase an industrial or commercial washer.

What is your budget?

You will want to budget and plan for this investment properly and consider how the washer plays into your long-term plan. For starter, do your research and plan out a realistic budget. Then, try to stick to your budget when you make the purchase. Several commercial laundry equipment distributors like Brim make it easy to find precisely the equipment you are looking for, that is within your budget.

Also, don’t forget to check out the warranties of the washer. As a proud manufacturer and distributor of quality laundry equipment, we offer a warranty on certain equipment that can save you money and tons of hassle in the long run.

What are the types of commercial washers?

Commercial washers typically fall into one of two categories – washer-extractors and tunnel washers. Both of these washers process a high volume of laundry loads, but there are some important differences in the way they work. For instance, washer-extractors are like the regular washing machine you find in your home, but they are much larger and more efficient. And they are a better choice for small to medium laundry facilities.

On the other hand, tunnel washers are one of the most expensive types of a washing machine on the market and are mostly used in industries that have incredibly vast volumes of laundry needs. These washers are different from the regular washer.

Capacity and size

The capacity and size of commercial washer you will want to buy depends on your facility and industry. Some industries, like medical facilities and hotels, may want big capacity laundry equipment like the split or open pocket washer-extractor that can handle a high volume of sheets. Others, like a salon or fitness center, may benefit from smaller washer and dryer that allow them to do smaller loads of washing on a continuous basis.

The size of your facility may also affect what laundry equipment you should buy.

Technology and controls

Of course, technology is changing quickly in almost every industry. Commercial laundry machinery is not different, so it’s important to consider your options when buying new or used laundry equipment. Advanced technology and control can help you improve efficiency and save money at your laundry operation.

For instance, the Tilting Open Pocket Washer Extractor features a rugged spring and shock suspension system which offer minimum installation requirement while offering high extraction speeds. Better still, it features a touchscreen color microprocessor control which makes it easier to use.

Choosing the right commercial washer manufacturer and distributor

You will want to consider working with a reputable laundry equipment manufacturer and distributor. Though you could choose not to partner with a manufacturer or distributor, a reliable company will help you work through your equipment purchase from start to end. If you are interested in buying new or used commercial laundry equipment for your business, contact Brim today. We’re looking forward to talking with you.

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