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Parker Tree Service tackles Insect and Disease Management by evaluating and being proactive with preventative maintenance. We bring in our experts to consider and evaluate each and every component to proper tree health, from the soil to the environment. We use the best quality products to treat extreme insect and disease issues where other means of treatment may not be appropriate. The sooner that we are brought in for Analysis and Diagnosis, the better off the tree will be, as we will be given time to correct the course. We don't only work with Trees though, so if you find your shrubs or other plants are at risk, give us a call. Time is of the essence.
Proper tree pruning, especially early on, is important, as one of the most common locations for a tree to fail is at the junction of two or more co-dominant stems, because these branches are forced to split the strength of a single branch.
Structural tree problems from included bark can occur naturally, but also can result from prior improper trimming and pruning techniques. “Topping” a tree (lopping off the crown), for example, can easily result in the death of the tree, since the resultant “fingerlings” can cause a breeding ground for disease and insects.
Learn about common western insects and diseases here (source: US Forest Service)

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