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Trees may need to be removed for a number of reasons. A tree might be dead, diseased, or dying. Or perhaps new construction or landscaping requires a removal. In any case it’s important to use an expert, especially in situations requiring dangerous or tight-spot removals, when power lines, homes, or other structures are close by.
Various techniques are used to remove a tree, depending on it’s size, where it’s located, what’s around it, and other factors. We use rigging (cables, pulleys, etc.), our boom trucks, good old-fashioned climbing and hand-cutting, or a combination of methods. Sometimes, if in a clear and unobstructed area, we can fall the tree in basically a single action, saving time and expense.
Depending on customer preference, we cut the tree(s) into firewood or larger pieces, or remove it altogether. Either way, we pride ourselves on a complete cleanup.

We typically can handle any sized job the same week you call us. We also have a 24/7 Emergency Tree Service available when time is critical, which is sometimes the case with catastrophes or dangerous removals.
​A common question we’re asked is "Will removing this tree mess up my yard?".
Tree removal can be a messy business. Not only could the removed tree and its limbs damage your landscaping, tree removal equipment can also leave its mark.

Parker Tree Service specializes in “zero impact” tree removals. Our removal methods and equipment allow us to take on even the biggest jobs while maintaining your property and landscaping in its original state.
​No ruts, no tracks, no big dents in the soil, no left-behind debris.
Why are we so obsessed with all the cleanup and appearance? Because Our reputation depends on it! But don’t take our word for it – please see our kind customer comments.

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