Solar pool heaters are an affordable option for Seminole County homes and offer a low installation cost with high savings in monthly energy usage. If you’re a pool owner and are interested in finding out more about what solar can do for you, contact Everything 4 Pools and Solar at 407-927-0652.

Solar is the most cost-effective method of heating a pool in Florida, as compared with other more traditional methods, and it meets the needs of most pool owners, although not all. If you use your pool for therapeutic purposes, solar might be a better option for use as a primary heating method, coupled with gas as a back-up, as solar is not as efficient as a gas heater for providing any-temperature on demand. A gas pool heater, which burns either propane or natural gas, can maintain your pool at just about any temperature that you have in mind.

Although it’s great to be able to have very warm water whenever you want it, the costs of heating a pool solely with a gas heater can be unreasonable. Everything 4 pools and Solar recommends that you use your gas heater to supplement a primary solar pool heater when high water temperatures are medically required or desired.

Everything 4 Pools and Solar carries and installs FAFCO solar pool heaters throughout Seminole County. The FAFCO solar pool heating system is loved by customers across Florida because it is completely trouble-free. It automatically detects when the water needs to be heated (to your pre-set conditions) and, assuming heat is available, water is then diverted out of the pool and up the return line to the roof where the solar collectors are located. The sun will heat the water and it will then be routed back into your pool.

Simply set your desired water temperature. The sensor will determine the most efficient time for the system to run. Your pool pump will send cold water through the collectors to be solar heated as it is channeled through the collector tray. Finally, luxuriously warm water flows down and into your pool. It’s as easy as that!

A typical affordable system will double or triple the swim season of your pool, depending on what you find to be a comfortable temperature. Feel free to call Everything 4 Pools and Solar at 407-927-0652 if you have questions you’d like to have answered by a solar specialist. An expert can determine what kind of performance you might expect from a system and let you know what the costs will be.

Once installed, solar pool heaters in Seminole County cost virtually nothing to maintain and operate. You may find that your pool pump will run slightly more or less, but the costs involved are negligible. Pool owners are always glad to learn that there is no additional strain to their pool pump from a solar system.

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