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Mistakes To Avoid During Office Design

Office design involves setting and placement of office supplies, furniture and equipment. There are other details to be considered when designing the interior of an office such as: use of colors, use of accessories such as plants and ensuring that there is proper spacing to allow for easy movement.

The importance of a properly, designed office cannot be overemphasized. Apart from making the office space attractive to visitors and prospective clients, it is beneficial for company employees. Everyone performs better in a clean, conducive and well-ventilated environment and the same applies to those who work in an office.

If you are considering opening a new office or maybe the existing office space needs some renovation, it is important to avoid the following mistakes.

1) Short Planning Time

A lot of people do not give themselves enough time to design or redesign their offices. The planning stage is actually the most important in office design. You have to take into account the cost of the total project and the amount of time it will take to complete the project. This involves meeting with the different personnel and contractors who will be involved in various aspects of the new office look. If you are redesigning, you have to decide whether to move to a temporary location or stay in the present place while construction is going on. Whatever you choose, give yourself enough time to get maximum satisfaction when the project is complete.

2) Lack of Proper Ventilation

Proper ventilation and employee productivity work together. An office that is well ventilated helps to increase the productivity of its occupants, which in turn leads to more profits for the company. Therefore, while designing your office, make sure it is done in a way that allows flow of air. Do not cluster the office space with furniture and other equipment. Nobody likes to work in a hot and humid environment. Visitors would feel uncomfortable if the office is stuffy and you might even lose potential customers. So make sure your design allows for proper ventilation.

3) Lack of proper lighting and acoustics

In office design, the quality of light and sound is very important as they both, also, affect worker’s productivity. Poor light conditions make it difficult to see, make employees tired and just simply kills the mood. Overly bright lights on the other hand cause headaches, fatigue and bad eyesight. So it is important to find the proper balance in lighting. The sun should also not be disregarded, as it is the best source of light, so make proper use of windows.

As for sound, a noisy office environment makes focusing difficult while a too quiet environment makes it uncomfortable to work. Therefore, while making use of acoustic materials to combat noise problems, balance is needed.

4) Doing Everything on Your Own

While you may have a mental picture of what your completed office design would look like, it is important that you do not do everything on your own. So get professional help. Work with those whose jobs are to help with office design. Light, sound experts and interior designers could help you bring your mental picture to life. Consult them!

Well-designed offices increase productivity, are appealing to whoever comes in and help to improve health and general well-being of employees. So take care to avoid the mistakes mentioned above. Make your office space comfortable, attractive and productive.

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