Only expert employees from Parker Tree Service will handle your landscape or trees. Our experienced professionals, knowledgeable in arbor care and landscape, understand your landscape and tree requirements.

Well with over 80 years in business, we’ve been the go to solution for many people that have landscaping issues or lawncare needs. There is no job to big or small for Parker Tree Service, and we pride ourselves on being a highly personable company.

We make it a point to know each of our customers by name and understand precisely how they prefer their outdoor spaces to be maintained. Ensuring customer satisfaction and trust is our top priority.

It creates an enjoyable outdoor area for your family and enhances your home’s value. It also keeps your environment safer and cleaning, by having potential hazards to your personal safety or home cleared out. Moreover, healthy lawns capture dust and pollutants, which results in cleaner environment for your home..

By investing in regular lawn care and maintenance, you can create an inviting space for relaxation and play.


From one to two weeks post-spring thaw until the onset of the hard freeze in fall is the preferred period. Tree care experts find it easier to identify dead from living parts when the tree has some leaves/buds, allowing for a more accurate structural pruning.

This timing reduces the chances of overlooking dead sections or mistakenly pruning healthy ones.

From our experience, by the time an issue is noticed and you contact us, it often has been ongoing for years, unrecognized until the tree needs to be removed due to safety concerns for people or property. Storm damage can also severely affect a tree’s structure, necessitating its removal to safeguard life and property.

However, with proper above-ground care and appropriate nourishment below ground, many trees can continue to thrive for years. Yet, this result is not common if the tree(s) have been neglected for over five years.

Our experience has shown that transplants usually don’t take, even with the best efforts. Therefore, we advise against transplanting any tree or shrub and suggest planting anew in the desired spot instead.

We can remove the unwanted tree for you and plant a new one in your preferred location.


Typically, the optimal time for preparing and planting flower gardens, as well as initiating hardscaping projects, is in the spring. The bulk of significant landscaping and hardscaping work happens during the summer months. Autumn, with its cooler temperatures, is ideal for planting trees and shrubs. Hardscaping projects can also proceed in the fall until the soil freezes or snowfall begins.

A case in point is a project that kicked off in the late summer, where we constructed the patio, seating walls, and fireplace, and also planted trees and shrubs. We waited until the next spring to plant perennials and annuals, as they flourish best in springtime conditions.

To make sure your landscaping project is completed within your preferred timeline, it’s wise to reach out to landscaping firms in the winter. This approach secures your spot on their schedule once the season commences. Waiting until late summer might find you facing fully booked schedules till the season’s end.

This one’s challenging. The same conditions that benefit plant growth also favor weeds. However, there are measures you can take to prevent and eliminate weeds.

We can start by applying a thick weed barrier layer followed up with a healthy amount of mulch in your flower beds and garden areas to suppress unwelcome weed growth. 

For weeds in concrete and paver cracks, a commercial herbicide can be effective. Alternatively, for those preferring organic methods, vinegar in a spray bottle can work, but remember, vinegar and other herbicides will kill any plant they come into contact with, not just weeds.

The fundamentals of watering are straightforward. Begin by watering immediately after planting, ensuring the water penetrates the soil, and then water once more. It’s crucial in the initial weeks to maintain regular watering—ideally, a thorough soaking every other day.

Aim to water plants deeply, using a slow stream from the hose positioned at the base of each plant. Once a small pool forms, move the hose to the next plant. This method encourages roots to grow deeper into the soil, leading to a stronger root system and healthier plant. Shallow watering, conversely, causes roots to remain near the soil’s surface, making the plant need water more frequently and leaving it vulnerable to winter damage.

After the first week, reduce watering to two to three times a week, depending on local weather conditions. Also, make sure to water all newly planted trees, shrubs, and perennials thoroughly before the ground freezes in late fall.

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We believe in building personal connections with each and every one of our clients, getting to know them by name and understanding their unique landscaping needs. Our top priority is always the satisfaction of our customers, and we will not rest until they are happy with our work.

Unlike other companies that may focus on rapid expansion, we prioritize maintaining relationships with our customers and ensuring their happiness. This is why many of our clients continue to use our services year after year, and trust us to bring their landscaping visions to life.

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