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Much of the time, you'll find that out of the blue, your plants we begin to have holes in the leaves, or start to sag, or turning different color, or.... and the list goes on. This is the time to call Parker Tree Service. We keep specialists on staff that will come onsite to evaluate, analyze, and diagnose the issues you may be experiencing with your Trees, Shrubs, or Plants. We take these matters seriously, because if they are happening to one plant, it could easily be an issue that may spread to the other plants or trees on your property. We can easily discover the origin of issues, which will typically be an insect issue, a soil deficiency, or a type of plant disease. Once discovered, we can begin the path of recovery. Whatever the case, contact us right away to prevent further damage.

For an enhanced level of service, ask us about our Tree Inventory and Management services. We can take your plant care from reactive to proactive.

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As a Professional Tree and Plant Health Company, we specialize in all aspects of Tree Services. For over 80 years, Parker Tree Service has been caring for trees and plants through various means.
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