Tree Service Meridian Idaho

Tree Removal

At Parker Tree Service, nestled in the heart of Meridian, Idaho, we specialize in all forms of tree removal. Our services cater to the needs of both residential and commercial properties, ensuring safety and efficiency in every task.

Emergency Tree Removal

In situations where trees pose imminent danger to property or life, we offer quick and reliable emergency removal services.

Hazardous Tree Removal

We expertly identify and remove trees that threaten your property’s safety, taking care to mitigate any potential damage.

Stump Removal

Our comprehensive service includes the removal of unsightly or hazardous stumps, clearing the way for new growth or construction.

Dead Tree Removal

Dead trees can be a significant liability; our team ensures their safe and efficient removal.

Tree Clearing

For larger scale needs, we offer extensive tree clearing services, perfect for new constructions or landscape modifications.

Tree Trimming

Maintaining the health and appearance of your trees is a cornerstone of our service portfolio. Proper trimming promotes healthy growth and enhances the aesthetic appeal of your landscape.

Tree Pruning

Our expert arborists carefully prune trees to remove dead or diseased branches, encouraging healthy development.

Crown Thinning

This technique reduces density, allowing light and air to better penetrate the crown, thus improving tree health.

Crown Raising

By removing lower branches, we provide clearance for pedestrians, vehicles, and structures.

Crown Reduction

We tactfully reduce the size of a tree’s crown, which is essential for reducing wind resistance and the potential for storm damage.


Our shaping services ensure your trees grow in an aesthetically pleasing manner, complementing your landscape design.

Tree Care

At Parker Tree Service, we understand that the best way to maintain the vitality of your trees is through proactive and knowledgeable care.

Tree Health Assessment

Our arborists conduct thorough health assessments to detect any underlying issues before they become major problems.

Disease Diagnosis

We identify and treat a variety of tree diseases, preserving the health and longevity of your green assets.

Insect Infestation Treatment

Our team expertly handles insect infestations, employing environmentally friendly treatments to protect your trees.

Tree Fertilization

We provide specialized fertilization services to nourish your trees, encouraging robust growth.

Root Care

Understanding the importance of a healthy root system, we offer root care services to foster strong foundations for your trees.

Arborist Services

Our certified arborists are the backbone of Parker Tree Service, offering a wealth of knowledge and experience in tree care and management.

Tree Inspection

Regular inspections help in the early detection of potential issues, ensuring the health and safety of your trees.

Tree Consulting

Whether you’re planning new landscaping projects or need advice on tree preservation, our consulting services are here to assist.

Tree Risk Assessment

We evaluate trees for potential risks, providing you with peace of mind and actionable solutions.

Land Clearing

Our land clearing services are designed to prepare your site for new construction, landscaping, or other projects, with minimal environmental impact.

Lot Clearing

We clear lots of all sizes, removing trees, shrubs, and underbrush to make way for development or landscaping.

Brush Removal

Brush removal is essential for fire prevention and the maintenance of a tidy, manageable property.

Debris Cleanup

Following storm damage or construction, our team efficiently handles debris cleanup, leaving your property clean and safe.

Vegetation Management

We offer comprehensive vegetation management services, ensuring controlled growth and compliance with local ordinances.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is a critical aspect of our services, providing a quick and efficient method of stump removal that minimizes ground disturbance.

Stump Removal

Complete stump removal services are available, including the extraction of the stump and root ball.

Stump Grinding and Hauling

After grinding, we offer hauling services to remove the debris, leaving your property clean and ready for new growth.

Emergency Tree Services

Our emergency services are available 24/7 to address urgent situations caused by storms or unforeseen tree failures.

Storm Damage Cleanup

We provide rapid response to clean up after storm damage, minimizing secondary damage to your property.

Fallen Tree Removal

Our team is equipped to safely remove fallen trees and debris, restoring safety and accessibility to your property.

Emergency Tree Care

In the wake of emergencies, we offer prompt, professional tree care to mitigate further risks and ensure the safety of your property and loved ones.

Tree Service Meridian Idaho

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